Physical rehab

Physical rehab

An individual program developed by our certified specialists includes exercises with no axial load on the vertebral column and joints, and special Gym80 Medical simulators allow dosage of load on separate groups of muscles and ligaments, providing an optimal mode of physical influences.


We all know about the beneficial effects of physical exercise on health. But not everyone knows that there is a form of therapy that uses the movement that has a beneficial effect on the body in the field: traumatology, rheumatology, surgery, gynecology, neurology, respiratory and cardiovascular system.


To improve the efficiency of rehabilitation programs, we recommend using kinesiotopeirovanie! In scoliosis, arthrosis (pain in joints) of osteochondrosis, injuries of the musculoskeletal system.


With the help of the developed method: hydromassage, massage, balance gymnastics, fly-yoga, kinesitherapy, cardiotherapy, Yevminov's prevention, our specialists will create conditions for optimal work and development of the child's body.

Restoration after injuries

The method of recovery in traumatic lesions, differing in localization, type, severity, general condition of the victim, etc., Has some features in connection with the specificity of the disorders, symptoms and flow of each of them.