Seminar Core Flow Yoga
Seminar Core Flow Yoga

For the first time in Odessa, on May 19 and 20, an exclusive seminar by headliner and founder of Yogalife Fest Bogdan Kozhukharik: Core Flow Yoga

One of the most popular destinations in the yoga / fitness industry. Ability to integrate the entire body, strengthening the muscles of the deep core (Core).

This is a synthesis of several areas – dynamic yoga, functional movement, fitness, which allowed to remove some of the disadvantages of each of them, made the process of body transformation more visible and fast.

  • Deep muscle treatment
  • Work in a pair
  • The impetus for inner development and the feeling of yourself and your body
  • Each assana is controlled by a teacher
  • Each question will be answered and worked out

The main mistake is to think that I do not need it and I can not!

The level of training does not matter. Recommended for everyone!

Sincere, sincere and positive atmosphere is provided to you! Energy Charge, Confidence and Development to Yourself!


All questions on the phone 0938171031/Viber/WhatsApp/Telegram

Odessa, 4 Nechipurenko ln., «Yes Fitness Premium».