07 Jan

From 08.01.2021 to 24.01.2021 “Yes Fitness” and “Yes Fitness Premium” are closed.

All subscriptions will be extended for the period of quarantine.

28 Dec

December 31 – from 8:00 to 16:00

January 1,2,7 – days off

January 6 – from 8:00 to 16:00

01 Sep

Good news from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. «YES» has passed all technical conformities, fulfilled all sanitary obligations and received a license for medical practice in the areas of sports medicine, physiotherapy and therapy.

This makes it possible to carry out full-fledged medical consultations with further appointments, carry out various medical manipulations, provide a wide range of services at a high level in accordance with the orders of the relevant ministry and European protocols.

Obtaining a medical license made it possible to introduce and consolidate full medical control in the area of medical / physical rehabilitation.

31 May

06/01/2020, renewable work fitness – clubs after quarantine

  1. You must bring your own towel.
  2. Group classes can only be booked by appointment.

We invite you to effective and positive training.