Therapeutic Physical Education (TPE)

Therapeutic Physical Education (TPE)

Lithuanian scientific culture (TPE) – a method of education, upbringing and medical rehabilitation, upbringing and upbringing, the right to special, specialized and methodical bulk numbers. Under the condition that Likar Bakhovsky’s special character is captured, the nature, stage and stage of the painful process in organs and organs.

The basic principles of legal law should strictly adhere to mandatory rules and regulations. Retail support for trends – for the improvement and improvement in general, trending for children – the upbringing of children under the age of 15 years.


Gymnastic exercises in medical physical education are classified:

a) on the anatomical principle – for specific groups (muscles of hands, feet, breathing, etc.);

b) on self-activity – the activists (I will do it by the tail) and stepchildren (used by the tailors and cops) which should be useful for health, except for methodologists).

In order to be wards it is necessary that people have the right (to discharge, for the city, to live, stay in a positive position, sitting and staying alive), resulting in problems that arose due to the fact that he did not was subjected to military service.

Recognize a physiotherapist physician, and a doctor-specialist in lfk teases the technique of training. The procedure is conducted by an instructor, in particularly difficult cases – a physician in exercise therapy. Consonance in terms of natural culture, development and effective integrated treatment, education and zeal in the population.