We all know about the beneficial effects of physical exercise on health. But not everyone knows that there is a form of therapy that uses the movement that has a beneficial effect on the body in the field: traumatology, rheumatology, surgery, gynecology, neurology, respiratory and cardiovascular system. This is called kinesitherapy.

The main principle of kinesiotherapy: the right movement treats, the wrong one is crippling

The method is a system of exercises, which initially designed to activate deep skeletal muscles adjacent to the spine and large joints. In the process of training the blood circulation in the muscles is adjusted, therefore, the nutrient intake to the bone tissue improves.

By fulfilling a certain system of exercises, the client with the help of a specialist can prevent or even cure diseases such as osteochondrosis, hernia of intervertebral disks, arthritis and arthrosis.

You can get a qualified consultation of a specialist in kinesitherapy and exercise therapy in the physical rehabilitation hall of the YES Fitness Club. To undergo a health-preventive course at injuries and diseases of the spine, joints, and also internal organs, using physical therapy, obtaining real results without operations and drugs! Our specialists have completed a full course of kinesitherapy training and have a long experience of work.

While taking classes in the hall, you are under constant supervision of the instructor. For each client is an individual program, which can be adjusted, as it is possible to connect auxiliary techniques. The main condition for appealing to us – the implementation of our recommendations, including when performing exercises on simulators. One course consists of 10 classes, lasts 60-90 minutes each (on average 3 times a week).

The system of occupations in the physical rehabilitation hall differs significantly from sports, first of all by the fact that here people turn out to be far from sports and even indifferent to the forms of their bodies, at least in the first stage of occupation.

The Physical Rehabilitation Hall is equipped with the decompression and anti-gravity training simulators of the German company “Gym80” of the last generation, which allows precisely to damp strength forces on separate groups of muscles and ligaments, providing an adequate regime of physical influences. Thanks to the close cooperation of the Gym80 specialists with the sports physicians at the University of Cologne, it was possible to create simulators with the highest biomechanical quality and, most importantly, are absolutely safe and therefore recommended for use in medical rehabilitation centers. “Gym80” is a premium class simulator, in which the latest technologies and materials are used.

An important component of kinesitherapy is sauna therapy. In our club, lovers of wet steam can visit hammam.

Also at your service professional massage therapists are ready to offer you various types of therapeutic massages.

After visiting the physical rehabilitation hall, you will be able to take a pearl bath with healing grass, essential oils, which has a pronounced therapeutic effect in diseases of the musculoskeletal system. At your service the spa bath, the shower Sharko, press therapy.

It’s important to remember that pain is just a symptom, not a disease and no reason. And she does not need to be afraid. As soon as the cause of pain is resolved – deep muscle spasm, the pain will necessarily retreat.