Restoration after injuries
Restoration after injuries

The method of recovery in traumatic lesions, differing in localization, type, severity, general condition of the victim, etc., Has some features in connection with the specificity of the disorders, symptoms and flow of each of them.

It should be borne in mind that the upper limb is a dynamic organ, while the lower limb – mostly static (supporting). The main function of the upper limb is to ensure a connection between the organism and the environment, while the lower limb performs, first of all, carrying the function and then – motor. These functional features lead to fundamental differences in traumatic and restorative approaches to fractures of the upper and lower extremities. In the general complex of rehabilitation measures, physical rehabilitation occupies an important place. Rehabilitation programs every year are increasingly used not only in traumas and orthopedic diseases, but also in the early postoperative period, with complications and the consequences of injuries.

In our physical rehabilitation hall, certified professionals will develop a rehab program for you to improve, strengthen and general the body’s development. Special physical exercises are performed using rehabilitation simulators GYM80 Medical (Germany), which directly affect the area of ​​defeat.

After which injuries are restored in our rehabilitation hall?

  • fracture of the pelvic bones (prophylaxis of postoperative complications, restoration of functions of the lower extremities with reduction of contractile muscle function, prevention of atrophy of the buttocks muscles, correction of coordination violations).
  • after fractures of the femur, humeral bone, bones of the forearm and legs (recovery of metabolic processes, muscular strength, elimination of restrictions of movement, restoration of mobility in joints, restoration after surgical treatment of fractures of vertebral bodies).
  • after compression fractures of the spine: restoration of blood supply to the circulatory tissue, prevention of post-traumatic disturbances, recovery after surgical treatment of fractures of the vertebral bodies.
  • after intra-articular fractures (the result is activation of blood circulation in the postoperative period, prevention of spasmodic contractions of the muscles (contractures), increase of mobility of the joints).
  • after craniocerebral trauma (the result is an improvement in the blood supply of the brain, alignment of muscle tone, coordination training, stabilization of blood pressure).

After some time after injury, you can contact our club?

There is nothing more effective for the full restoration of the functions and nutrition of a damaged organ or limb, like early rehab.

Prolonged stay after injuries in plaster bandages or forced static position in itself causes harm to the muscles, ligaments and joints exhausted. Therefore, rehabilitation should be started as soon as possible – as soon as the first movements become possible (after removing gypsum immobilization or other types of fixation).

In the fitness club “YES” in the hall of physical rehabilitation, with the help of rehabilitation simulators, an active early recovery is carried out under an individual program. This principle repeatedly accelerates the process and reduces the path to the motion without crutches. High qualification of instructors, methodologists, doctor – allows to conduct rehabilitation sessions even with those who are not able to move without the help of others. We also carry out late rehabilitation in the complicated post-traumatic period. Of course, the time of functional recovery for such clients is increasing, but we are not interested in setting sports records, but in returning to active life without pain and limitations, the restoration of full efficiency. Only such an approach can be considered a real recovery.