Future moms
Future moms

Preparation for childbirth at “Yes”

During pregnancy, the condition of the child is directly dependent on the health of the expectant mother. If pregnancy proceeds safely and without complications, the implementation of a complex of exercises – a guarantee of good health of a pregnant woman and the creation of optimal conditions for the development of the future child.

Specially designed exercises for Future Moms include:

  • Preparation for pregnancy (strengthening of abdominal muscles, improvement of blood supply to the pelvic organs, prevention of ovarian dysfunction and varicose veins, etc.).
  • Gymnastics Training for Future Moms
  • Recovery after delivery (strengthening of muscles of abdominal press, getting rid of lumbar pain, prophylaxis of lowering of pelvic organs, correction of weight)

Physical preparation of an organism to childbirth is a complex of individual exercises, hardening, training for proper breathing and methods of relaxation. When exercising, the woman helps the body to cope with double loads, improves the functions of the respiratory system, activates the work of the heart and blood vessels, provides the delivery of necessary nutrients and oxygen for the growth and development of the future baby, helps to remove carbon dioxide and other metabolic products in a timely manner. This is the key to the health of your baby, who needs to think about it from the very first days of pregnancy.

For many women, it is extremely important to avoid widening of the veins, stretch marks on the skin of the abdomen, hips and chest, and to get rid of pain in the lower back. Do not need to endure back pain! Special, aimed at strengthening the muscles of the back exercises will help to avoid common pregnant problems with the spine or get rid of already existing violations. The program also includes exercises for the prevention of congestive events in the pelvic and lower limb organs. Your body will become strong, especially back muscles, which carry an increased load during pregnancy due to the displacement of the center of gravity.

An important condition for successful childbirth is the strengthening of muscle groups that will be actively involved. Special exercises for alternating periods of tension and relaxation periods give additional confidence in the progress of labor, help to avoid complications.

Methodists and instructors of the “Yes” rehabilitation hall follow the pace and correct performance of exercises (according to the position of the back, head, abdomen, pelvis, legs and hands), since classes during pregnancy should improve their well-being.

Complex exercises after childbirth

The purpose of our complex is to restore the health of the woman after childbirth, to help her avoid postpartum problems (lowering the pelvic floor, postpartum depression), to ensure a positive mood. Along with this, the program will allow you not to gain weight or throw away extra pounds. Regular exercise normalizes sleep, activates metabolism, increases the flow of oxygen to tissues, improves overall well-being and mood. Individually tailored for each mother, the program allows you to gradually increase the load when performing a variety of exercises.

Our club pays attention to the emotional comfort of clients. Employees of “Yes Fitness” are not just instructors, but friends who know your features, and the club itself and clubroom, where in the process of training future mothers not only develop and restore physical abilities, but also improve their psycho-emotional state through communication alone with a friend.

Pregnancy is not a disease, but a special condition of an organism that requires a specific approach.

Be healthy and happy!