Body mass index (BMI)

BMI Calculator

Knowledge of BMI can help determine your overall health. Use the BMI calculator below to find out your body mass index, indicating your height and weight.

Ваш индекс массы тела (ИМТ):
Эти расчеты основаны на средних данных.

The value of the body mass index

Now that you know your body mass index, you are one step closer to improving your health.

BMI lower 18.5:

Your BMI is considered insufficient. Keep in mind that an underweight BMI may pose certain health risks. Consult your doctor for more information on BMI calculations.

BMI  within 18.5 – 24.9:

Normally. Healthy weight helps reduce the risk of serious illness and means that you are close to your fitness goals.

BMI above 30:

It is considered overweight. Excessive weight may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Think about how to change your lifestyle to improve your health.