Ак. Вильямса, 59-е FITNESS CLUB Gym, Trx, Cardio Workouts


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About the club

FC is located on the territory of the residential complex “Golden Gull” in the area of ​​the 9th station of the Lyustdorfskaya road (md. Tairovo). Opened 10.01.2012

In our club, you can find lot areas:

  • Two gyms (133 m²) with the power trainers of “InterAtletika” (PROFESSIONAL LINE);
  • Aerobic hall (84 m²) – manned by a modern equipment;
  • Cardio hall  (48 m²), equipment of AeroFit Professional and HouseFit Pro;
  • Solarium of Hapro Luxura V5 (Netherlands);
  • Phyto-bar;
  • Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Lockers available with dressing cabins with shower;
  • Professional system of conditioning of LG and ventilations of Mitsubishi.

Our trainers promote the qualification constantly, participate in fitness forums, are the prizewinners of various competitions.

Professional simulators, modern interior design, and a warm welcome will make your stay at “Yes Fitness” pleasant and rewarding.

Rules of attendance

1.1  At administration area you purchase a subscription and gain identification membership card (IMC) which obtain accesses to the fitness club. At the entrance, you give your IMC at the reception in exchange for the key from the dressing cabin and on your way out you give a key back in exchange for an IMC.
1.2 Term of subscription activation – 1 month from the date of purchase.
1.3 You must leave the training zones 15 minutes before the club closes. You cannot stay in the fitness club after the end of working time.

Your presence at the fitness club

2.1 Classes attendance in club halls are allowing  only in a pure variable sports shoes. It is highly recommended to use comfortable closed shoes with rubber and non-slip soles. Itis forbidden to use shoes with high heels, with a leather sole, with spikes, training barefoot or in outdoor shoes.

2.2 Attendance of the gym prohibits engaging with a bare torso.
2.3 You must use a towel.
2.4. Do not use creams, oils and honey.
The territory of the club prohibited: smoke, being drunk or drink alcohol and make video/photography without special agreement with the Administration.

Safety rules in the fitness club

3.1 In order to avoid injuries, we strongly recommend you to take a free introduction training in the gym.
3.2 In the gym is allowing to train by yourself only if you have reached the age of 16 years. Children up to 16 years – only with a personal instructor.
3.3. Overloading of the simulators over the norm by additional loading of loads is forbidden. Also it is forbidden to run, jump, or distract others. Work on damaged simulators is prohibited. In the event of a malfunction (cable tension, mechanical damage, etc.), it is necessary to inform the instructor of the gym.
3.4 After completing the exercises, you must remove the used equipment from the sports equipment on specially designated places.
3.5 It is forbidden to practice sport activities if you’re having injuries or don’t feel well. If your well-being deteriorates, you must stop the workout and inform the instructor.
3.6 At the beginning of using running track, you have to put on the racks at the edges of the moving belt, set the minimum speed and start training after the tape has come in motion. You can not leave the simulator  before the complete stop of the tape.
3.7 After the end of your sport activities, please release the dressing cabin from your personal belongings, hand over the key and a rent towel to the reception area in exchange for an IMC.
3.8 Members of the club are material responsible for the damage of club’s  property.

All members should be familiar and comply with all rules of the club. In case of a gross violation, the club’s management reserves the right to early termination of your membership.

The administration of the club will be grateful for the comments and additions to the rules of the fitness club and will try to take into account your wishes.